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Toni Walsh

Executive Vice President- Human Resources

There is truly only one differentiator in the market, your "human capital"?. How well you manage and leverage that asset for competitive advantage has everything to do with the success of any organization. As a human resources professional, my mission is to manage our most valuable asset (our "people portfolio") effectively so that the maximum potential is realized for associates and for the organization. By aligning initiatives such as compensation management, organizational development, talent acquisition, staff development, executive coaching, strategic workforce management with the strategic goals of the organization, we will maximize the potential of our organization and our people, and that will deliver bottom-line results.

With two decades in banking and the financial services industry, I have developed expertise in strategic human resources, organizational development, executive coaching, workforce planning, employee relations, talent acquisition, and organizational strategy. I am a business person who happens to operate in the area of Human Resources. You cannot be an effective HR professional without really understanding the business. When you have a true passion for the business and people, something fantastic is almost always the end result.

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